Family Housing Applications

SKC Family Housing consists of one, two, three and four bedroom units. These units are within walking distance of all classes on campus. These units include Internet access, water, sewer, garbage and laundry facility.

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The four bedroom PODs have four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room (with cable TV), and a kitchen. Three bedrooms are available as well. Most all students will share a bathroom with one other person. All dorm rooms do come with internet. A very limited number of dorm rooms with a private bath are also available.

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Off Campus Housing

SKC Student Housing is limited and very popular. The Off Campus Housing List is a listing of local resources and landlords to assist you in finding housing in the area. This list is updated weekly.

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Salish Kootenai College has a student-housing department. It is located in the Bookstore Building on the east side of campus. SKC has a limited number of housing units available, a total of 55 family housing units and a 42-bed dormitory. Salish Kootenai College Student Housing units and dormitory is located on the east side of campus. The one, two, three and four bedroom units and dormitory are within walking distance of all classes on campus. Student housing is very popular with the students because it is on campus and affordable.

For more information on the various housing available at Salish Kootenai College you may give us a call or to your right is our “Vacancy Bulletin Board”. During school year the Vacancy Bulletin Board is updated every Monday and Wednesday at the end of the work day. This gives all potential tenants the chance to see what is available. All requests on any postings needs to be done following day ONLY, Tuesday and Thursdays.

The Housing Department also provides a referral service for off campus housing. A downloadable version of this list is available by clicking on “Off Campus Housing” to the right of this page. It is a database of rentals in the surrounding area.

Currently, Salish Kootenai College does have campus security 24/4.

It is important that housing arrangements be secured prior to the student’s arrival on campus. SKC has no last minute or emergency housing available.