Hewankorn Family Housing

SKC Hewankorn Family Housing consists of one, two, three and four bedroom units.  These units are within walking distance of all classes on campus. These units include Internet access, water & sewer allowance, garbage and a laundry facility.

To be considered for SKC Student Housing you must complete an application and turn back in with all items requested. Submit your application as early as possible prior to needing housing. Applications will be ranked on a point system with completed application points given for applications received by May 5.

It is your responsibility to keep your address and any other changes updated with the SKC Student Housing Department.  Failure to do so may result in delays of your housing.

All correspondence should be marked Attn: Student Housing.

To update your information call  (406) 275-4827, or fax (406) 275-4818, or email housing@skc.edu

An off campus housing list and resource guide is available on our website, on the bulletin board outside the housing offices or by calling the SKC Student Housing Department (406) 275-4827.