Housing FAQ

What kind of housing does Salish Kootenai College offer?

SKC offers on-campus Dorms and Family Housing. The Dorms are suite-style rooms, called Pods. A Pod holds three or four students. In the center of each Pod is a kitchen and living room area that all four students share, but each student has their own bedroom. Bathrooms are semi-private and shared between two roommates; there are two three-bedroom Pods where one student may pay $100 more per month for a private bathroom.

In Spring Quarter of the 2019-20 school year, SKC Housing will open 3 Honor Pods. Honor Pods are new mixed-gender, academic-focused living communities that house students based on their area of study. These Pods are organized just like the standard Pods, with a shared kitchen and living room, private bedrooms, and a semi-private bath. Upperclassman status and a 3.2 cumulative GPA or higher are required for the Honor Pods.

Family Housing are apartments designed for students with children. Units can have one, two, three, or four bedrooms, depending on the size of the family. Each apartment has its own kitchen and bathroom. Larger units have two bathrooms.

We have a total of 55 Family Housing units and 42 Dorm rooms.

What are some of the amenities Student Housing offers?

  • All SKC Housing is within walking distance to classes!
  • Dorms offer secure entrances that are only available to residents, who use key fobs to enter the building and their Pods.
  • All Dorm units are fully furnished, including a dresser, twin XL bed and mattress, desk, and chair. Pod common spaces include a sofa, cable TV, and a full kitchen with fridge and oven/range.
  • Laundry facilities are available for Family Housing and Dorms. Students must provide their own detergent and dryer sheets. Laundry is $1.00 per wash, and .25 cents for 20 minutes of drying.
  • Dorms have Resident Advisors (RAs) that live on-site. RAs assist in any emergencies and also host activities for the Dorm students.  In the past, they have gone bowling, played bingo, made photo collages, hosted study nights, and had a Superbowl gathering.  These events normally include a lot of food!
  • Security officers are on duty 24/7/365.
  • Housing’s maintenance team perform routine and timely repair.
  • SKC Grounds Department maintains the outdoor spaces, including snow removal.
  • SKC IT Department provides internet access to the units.

What is the cost of rent for SKC Housing?

Dorms cost $825 per quarter, with a $200 security deposit the first time a student moves in.

Family Housing costs depend on the size of the unit. In addition to a $300 deposit, students are also expected to pay their own electricity costs through Mission Valley Power. The rent breakdown is as follows:

  • 1-Bedroom Unit: $350/month    $1,050/quarter
  • 2-Bedroom Unit: $400/month    $1,200/quarter
  • 3-Bedroom Unit: $450/month    $1,350/quarter
  • 4-Bedroom Unit: $500/month    $1,500/quarter

Deposits are non-refundable.

How do students pay for their rent?

Rent is charged through the Business Office. Students may pay in-person at the BigKnife building.

What is the application process?

To be considered for Student Housing at SKC, the student must complete a Housing application.  It is recommended that students submit their application as early as possible.  When submitting the application, we also ask that students turn in:

  • A copy of their tribal ID or verification of First-Generation Tribal Descendant Certification
  • A letter of interest stating why you are requesting Student Housing
  • A reference letter from a previous landlord or a character reference letter
  • A copy of their most recent transcripts showing GPA from the previous quarter

Each spring, applications are ranked on a point system with priority points given for applications received by May 5. Housing continues to accept applications year-round, but they will not receive extra points.

Where can I get the applications to apply for housing?

Students may download a copy of the application from the Housing website, or stop by the Student Housing Office to pick up an application.  We are located in the Robert DePoe III building. 

Am I guaranteed that I will have a place to stay?

Student Housing is not guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the student to secure their individual housing.

How and when will SKC contact me if I am offered a Housing unit?

Housing for Fall quarter is offered at the end of the previous academic year’s Spring quarter. Housing will also offer spaces for mid-quarter, Winter, and Spring quarters as room allows. Whether units are available depends on whether current tenants graduate or move out.

When a unit becomes available, the Housing Department will contact the applicant with the highest points for that size of unit. Contact will be made via phone call and e-mail. It is important to inform Housing of any phone or e-mail address changes.

When can I move in?

Fall tenants may move in 10 days before the Monday that classes begin.

What if I have other questions?

We encourage students to read the Housing Handbook, available on the Housing website. Additional questions may be directed to the Housing Office, located in the Robert DePoe III building, by e-mail at housing@skc.edu or by phone at 406-275-4827.