Summer Dorm Usage

Summer Dorm use begins on Monday June 18, 2018 and closes for the summer on August 30,2018
SKC Summer hours are Mon-Thur 7am-5pm.

The SKC Lefthand Dormitories are designed in three and four bedroom PODs.  The four bedroom PODs have four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room (with cable TV), and a kitchen.  The three bedroom PODs have one room with a private bathroom, 2 bedrooms that share a bathroom, a living room (with cable TV), and a kitchen.

The Lefthand Dormitory is intended for single adults. Currently, the dorms do not allow for two people to one room or youth under the age of eighteen.  Circumstances other than single adults need to be discussed and approved by the Director of Student Housing.

Clean, comfortable and convenient room furnishings provided are: extra long twin bed, wardrobe, small dresser, desk, chair, blinds and wastebasket. A mattress pad, pillow, pillowcase, sheets, and bath towels are provided for each bed (no daily exchange).  Each dorm pod also has a furnished living room and a kitchen with basic dishes and pans for cooking.  There is also a laundry facility in the dorms. Internet connection is provided. Things to bring from home are: An extra pillow and laundry supplies.  Each participant is responsible for making their own bed, garbage removal and general cleanliness of their own room, shared bathroom, and living room and kitchen area. Participants will be charged for damages to rooms, lost keys and excessive cleaning, if required.

Reservations:  To reserve dorm rooms for your event fill out the summer use application.  When your reservation is confirmed a deposit is required to hold the rooms.  If this is an SKC Department event provide an account number and signature. The dorms open for summer occupancy two weeks after graduation and close for the summer on August 30th .

Deposit: A deposit is required to hold dorm rooms.  5 rooms or less–$50, Over 5 rooms–$100, 10 or more rooms $200.  This deposit is non-refundable if this reservation is cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to scheduled check-in. If this date lands on a weekend then it will be the first business day before the 2-week date.
Minimum Charge Policy:  2 weeks in advance we need confirmation of final numbers to establish a minimum charge.  Then if there are more people and we have the extra rooms clean and ready you can add those to your reservation.  If this date lands on a weekend then it will be the first business day before the 2-week date.

Check-In:  After 3pm Check-Out: Before 11am Participants staying in residence halls are expected to comply with all SKC Lefthand Dormitory regulations. No alcohol or drugs and no smoking.  In order to respect the rights and privileges of all dorm guests quiet time begins at 10pm